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Virus Removal

Is your computer running slower than it used to? Perhaps you have unwanted pop-ups appearing on your screen? Chances are you may have picked up one of the thousands of types of virus or malware programs online, which are easy to accidentally download even with the best protection available.

We specialize in spyware and virus removal, and can remove even the nastiest of dangerous software – including the ones your antivirus software can’t!

Computer Symptoms

1. Your computer starts to operate at a slower speed than usual

2. Your pc becomes the victim of frequent freezes and crashes

3. Your computer reboots itself continuously after a few minutes of operation

4. Most programs and applications will not function properly.

5. Severe degradation in overall desktop functionality due to virus infection using up large amounts of memory

6. Some disk drives may become inaccessible

7. Your pc displays unknown error messages frequently

8. Desktop menu’s and various dialogue boxes may become distorted

9. Removal of anti virus program desktop shortcuts as well as programs on your pc

10. New unknown icons appear on your desktop which are usually related to pornography or gambling

11. You are unable to execute Task Manager in windows

False virus’

How To Protect Your PC Against Viruses

1. Turn on your firewall on your pc

2. Use a free virus removal tool

3. Always make sure that your security settings in Internet Explorer are correct

4. Always make sure that you regularly update your anti virus software program with the latest updates

5. Avoid downloading suspicious files from the internet

6. Do not surf bad or unknown websites as they can trigger infectious installations without your knowledge


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