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Are you Safe From Hackers?

by terhunetech on April 19, 2011

We do not use E-gold very frequently because the majority of our on-line company and consumer sales are conducted through our online merchant account. However, we sometimes have someone who will request having to pay by E-gold so we keep an account there for this reason. Once a month or so we withdraw the money and decided to do so yesterday. Imagine our dismay when we logged into our E-gold account yesterday and found our stability to be a large fat ZERO! We had checked the stability just a few days back so we knew this wasn’t correct. After investigating the history from the account, we discovered that a invest had been made to another e-gold account user Without our knowledge or authorization. We had been hacked!

Because we have as much as date anti-virus and firewall software on our pc, we assumed we had been safe. Not so! It appears this isn’t sufficient to keep absent the hackers as the software program does not stop “Spyware” from becoming set up on your pc.

“Spyware” is software program that will get onto your computer and actually “spies” in your actions. The spying can assortment from relatively harmless utilization of cookies monitoring you across multiple websites… to very dangerous “keystroke loggers” which record passwords, credit cards, along with other individual data. That data then will get relayed to the individual who put the software in your computer.

Spyware gets in your computer in 1 of a number of different ways.

Initial, it rides together with software program you download from the ‘Net and install in your system.

2nd, they arrive as e-mail attachments (a lot like viruses) and automatically install on their own in your computer whenever you open the e-mail message.

3rd, hackers discover an open port in your pc and utilize the “back door” to install essentially anything they want.

And fourth, the more malicious kinds, like keystroke loggers, can even get set up by somebody with immediate bodily access to your computer like an employer, suspicious spouse, company competitor, or someone who wants to understand exactly what you’re performing.

So how do you protect your self in opposition to these malicious hackers? You’ll need a program that particularly scans your system for the tens-of-thousands of existing spyware applications together with the new ones appearing every day.

Below are two applications which particularly check for and remove spyware from your system:

“Spybot Search & Destroy” –
“Ad Aware” –

You may have spyware lurking in your pc right now so protect your self today by downloading 1 from the above programs!

As a point of reference, we contacted E-gold and informed them that we had been hacked. We provided them with the account number of the individual who received the funds and asked for a contact e-mail address on the person. E-gold informed us that they could not provide that info without a “court order” and that essentially there was no way of getting the money back again!

Take action today to safeguard your self from this growing threat! The bottom line is: – Maintain your anti-virus plan present

– Install a firewall
– Carefully screen software before installing it
– Scan particularly for spyware weekly
– Stay present on this growing threat.

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