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Four Smart and Free Programs For Your Computer

by terhunetech on April 3, 2011

1 of the enjoyable parts of owning a computer is, obviously, access to the internet. The globally web is chock complete of useful info, easily obtainable at your fingertips! It is also home to potentially lethal viruses, numerous of which may wreak havoc in your system within moments. The following 4 applications can assist you avoid difficulty; best of all they are absolutely free.

Firefox – a internet browser for the ages. Okay, a internet browser that beats Internet Explorer by stopping pop ups and dangerous scripts from being downloaded to your computer. Plenty of nifty features also, including tabbed searching, reside bookmarks, and tons of add-on features.

Spybot Search and Destroy – gets rid of adware, spyware, and malware. Blocks the installation of spyware before it occurs; works along with anti-virus software program, not as being a alternative for 1.

AVG Antvirus – offers fundamental antivirus safety such as scanning e-mail attachments for viruses and scanning of all hard drives, removable drives, and external drives on your pc. A paid edition does some additional duties and consists of technical assistance.

Zone Alarm- if you don’t possess a firewall set up in your pc, you are opening yourself up to potential catastrophic safety breaches. With Stealth Mode enabled you can search the web in private, away through the intruding eyes of those that might want to steal your important information.

As with many freeware programs, “pro” or professional variations with the software program are occasionally available to provide computer users a maximum amount of safety, for a price. Still, all four of those programs have something to provide and therefore are really worth exploring. Your pc safety and privacy is essential, insure it today by downloading the programs which are correct for you.

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