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by on March 18, 2011

VIsual Fox Pro Programming

I first started off as a dBaseIII developer back again around 1990, I acquired a book on how to write three major kinds of dBase applications (any language actually) and this began me on my x-base programming profession, after struggling with these three plans for about a month, I gotta to operate, then disected them to get a much better comprehension.

From there I caught wind of a dBase compiler referred to as clipper, and I thought this cool, I can write packages, compile them, then distrbute them, perhaps make some cash. So I purchased the application and learned it, Clipper is far more C language oriented, the language it self is a mask for the C, most of it’s features are pure C.

After starting to be at ease with his new xbase type software and writing, testing and bullet proofing a number of apps, I went out into the true globe, my consulting task was with Montgomery Wards, I was teaching 3 not too long ago graduated Personal computer Science majors to assistance a legacy method published in Clipper running on a novell network across the nation.

My very first application was for a non-profit, they’re organization took in a number of hunred dollars a day in donations, they sponsored several events, so there was income flowing in and out on everyday foundation, they required a distinctive accounting pakage to management this, and also needed day-to-day, weekly and monthly reviews, this was a challenge and a good finding out excerise.

Someday later on I was released to Visual FoxPro, my knowledge prior to this was all at the character primarily based level of proramming, this instroduced objects, forms etc and so forth. I was quickly developing applications that servered the direct mail processing marketplace, mostly for service bureau’s, I wrote apps that primarily dealt with information manipulation, some applicaions I designed I was ready to set user friendly UI’s on them and flip them more than to Client Service’s.

My grasp piece of visual foxpro advancement arrived in 1998 operating for a service bureau in Chicago, the Customer was the American Healthcare Association, they have been finding into the Accreditation company, they had a database of 27 tables with 1 to one particular, 1 to a lot of and numerous to a lot of relations, it was managed by a healthcare id special essential, there was 1 database for every of the fifty states.

I started out with New Jersey, I had to recreate the database on our system (employing Visual FoxPro), then develop data entry screens, fix screens, CASS approach screens, append, import, export capabilities, reporting functions, and some quite eleborate algorithms. I also wrote some features for the use of a scanning pen, this it madie easier management the accreditation programs as they would journey from one particular procedure to yet another.

There was a large printing process to this applicaion and challenge, we printed software for each and every Physician in they’re database (each and every state), about 250,000 – 300,000 copies, all personalized with the medical professionals details, these had been then sent to the Doctors, who modified and up-to-date the data, then sent back, right after getting the apps back again they have been sent to a information entry vendor, the real programs have been sent along with the electronic records specifically formatted for this process, the programs and electronic files were up to date and sent back for editing, confirmation and algorithm processing. Soon after all processing was done on our conclude the final processing was carried out by the AMA, inwhich they had onsite evaluations carried out, inspections, back again ground checks, license checks, credit score checks and a slew of other confirmations were carried out.

Based mostly on all of this checking, processing, confirmations, the AMA manufactured a last approval or a rejection report, the information on who was rejected and who was confirmed was sent to us, we employed this information to produced certifications or rejection reviews and then sent to the medical professionals.
The processing that goes behind the scenes to have a physicians identify get on an insurance referral listing is enormous, I know!

Michael Robert Cummings

Michael Robert Cummings
IT Remedies Consultant
Born Chicago, IL
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