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Zon Licht Magnifying Desk Lamp

by on March 18, 2011

Zon Licht Magnifying Desk Lamp

Zon Licht is proud to current its new Magnifying Desk Lamp. This desk lamp homes strong magnification compacted with an excellent light resource, enabling you to carry out numerous forms of craftsman perform. Whether or not your hobby incorporates jewellery fix, photography, electronic installation, cosmetics or even tableside reading, you can be certain that this Magnifying Desk Lamp will meet your utmost satisfaction. It attributes a gooseneck design and style that can make positioning simple, whether or not it is on your desk at work or your nightstand table for reading. With a 5” lens and three-diopter magnification, this lamp enables you to do up close perform without having the danger of eye tiredness.
List Cost:
Cost: 44.99

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