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The Dell Corporation – A Technician’s Evaluation

by terhunetech on May 2, 2011

The Dell computer has turn out to be a fixture in enterprises all over the world. From the days once they had been assembled in a university dorm room, to the mass production of these days, Dell has been 1 of the most successful pc producers.

I work as a computer technician in a large organization that supports nearly 5000 end-users. Our daily duties can turn out to be overwhelming at times. Especially when our network goes down or one of our servers dies.

1 factor we don’t have to worry about is hardware issues. The majority of our PCs are from Dell, the newer ones becoming the Optiplex GX620. When we have a hardware failure in a Dell machine, we merely log on to their web site, submit a form, and the next day our component arrives. We can do all of our guarantee replacements with out even getting to speak to a customer support representative on the telephone.

Working inside a company atmosphere that requires close to 100% uptime, brings the need for service like that of Dell. The less time we (technicians) can invest worrying about monitoring a piece of hardware, in transit, the much more we are able to concentrate on our work at hand. I guess I am biased, a little, because of the service that we do get from Dell. But there is absolutely absolutely absolutely nothing better to a technician than easily available hardware replacements.

We also deal once and a while with IBM (Lenovo). I can’t say that I am as enthusiastic about their support. Each and every time we have to substitute a component in an IBM machine, they feel the require to dispatch a technician. This is frustrating, following all, the majority of us are just as licensed (or maybe even more so) than these technicians.

Regardless of who you and your company handle, make sure which you whenever you carry a new vendor onboard, you take a good look at their support solutions. The much better assistance you have the smoother the technician’s job will probably be.

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