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Restore Deleted E-mail Messages in Microsoft Windows Mail

by terhunetech on April 17, 2011

Outlook Express was, and through the time of this composing still is, the most well-liked email client by a massive margin. It’s hard to overestimate the quantity of support Outlook Express has received from third party developers. Several free and commercial products compete for your disk area and a location in your Start menu, which includes equipment that backup and restore e-mail messages, and that fix and recover corrupted mail database. Outlook Express customers certainly have no lack of email recovery tools that help to recover accidentally deleted email messages.

The scenario has altered momentarily. Using the release of Windows Vista, Outlook Express has been superseded with a new-generation email client, Windows Mail. Windows Mail shops e-mail messages in a brand new format that is totally different from Outlook Express and incompatible with anything before it. Familiar mail recovery tools for Outlook Express no longer function with Windows Mail, and, as is typical, there isn’t any method to un-delete email messages supplied by Microsoft.

Recovery for Windows Mail is among the initial goods in the marketplace to assistance the new Windows email consumer. It is designed specifically to un-delete email messages in Windows Vista.

Windows Vista offers increased safety and strengthened safety in opposition to contemporary threats. New security measures usually prevent users and programs from accessing important files and modifying vital information. To be able to overcome these restrictions, you’d need to be logged in as an Administrator, or a minimum of as a user with administrative rights. This might become a main inconvenience for any house consumer, and a complete show-stopper inside a corporate atmosphere.

Recovery for Windows Mail is fully conscious of the new account security measures implemented in Windows Vista, and does not need you to become logged in with the administrative password. Just operate Recovery for Windows Mail, and it will do the remainder – automatically!

Windows Mail differs from Outlook Express within the way it stores email. Each concept is saved in a separate file, complemented by meta-information that’s stored inside a mail database for quicker indexing. Deleting email in Windows Mail simply moves messages in to the “Deleted Items” folder with out affecting the files. But if you remove a message through the “Deleted Items” folder, there is no easy way to un-delete that mail.

Recovery for Windows Mail protects your messages from accidental deletion. It can un-delete and totally recover deleted mail even when it’s been erased through the “Deleted Items” folder.

Recovery for Windows Mail is fully able to recovering deleted e-mail within the Windows Mail consumer. Safeguard your self and download your free evaluation version here:

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