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Changing Windows Regedit

by terhunetech on April 17, 2011

You will find several third-party alternatives to practically each and every tool available with Windows. Scandisk is superseded with various information recovery tools that are vastly superior to the quite limited Windows tool; Outlook Express isn’t any better than every other email client on the market; Windows Task Manager has a number of free and commercial alternatives. Even Web Explorer has numerous third-party replacements that provide much better safety and much more functions. Regedit is no exception to the pattern.

Reg Organizer by is really a vastly superior alternative to Windows Regedit. Unlike immediate item replacements such as FireFox – Internet Explorer or Thunderbird – Outlook Express, Reg Organizer dips into waters not examined by any Microsoft tool.

Rather than just cloning Microsoft Regedit feature by function, Reg Organizer offers numerous advantages to its users, unseen in any Microsoft registry tool. Not just it can edit the Windows Registry; it could find errors and repair them immediately. By cleansing out the Registry, Reg Organizer vastly improves the performance of your Pc. It minimizes the clutter, removes junk and makes your Registry more compact, allowing Windows run faster and smoother.

All of these optimization functions don’t appear like Reg Organizer is a immediate substitute of Windows Regedit, but hold on! Unlike the numerous competing registry optimizers, Reg Organizer actually serves as a replacement towards the primitive registry editor included with Windows. Providing its users a method to conveniently edit Windows Registry, Reg Organizer offers all searching and editing features available in Regedit, and much more! Unlike the minimalistic Regedit tool, Reg Organizer provides a fully featured graphical consumer interface for executing fundamental and superior manipulations using the pc System Registry.

Vastly superior searching tends to make looking the Registry much more handy than with Windows Regedit. Looking the Registry is where Reg Organizer shines. Not just it scans the Registry as regedit.exe does, but it permits many much more things to be carried out when searching. You can find all registry keys related to a particular application, or run Search and Substitute to substitute certain registry values with other ones. Search and Substitute Registry comes handy when shifting programs from one disk or folder to an additional, letting you alter paths quickly and effortlessly.

Managing the Registry doesn’t finish with editing, searching and changing. Set Reg Organizer to handle .REG files, and you’ll be able to really preview the .REG files before or rather than importing them into the System Registry. Defragment and compress Windows Registry to optimize pc efficiency, change undocumented Windows settings without the threat of messing up the Registry, and do numerous other exciting things you’d never do with regedit.exe! Download Reg Organizer from

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