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Guidelines To Comply with When Coping with Computer Issues

by terhunetech on May 12, 2011

Are computer errors, like the “dlcctime.dll lacking entry” error generating you loose sleep?

In case your Windows screen is continuously splashing random errors, then it’s about time you took matters into your personal hands. As this article shows, coping with typical pc issues is not rocket science – all you need is some information along with a couple of of the proper resources.

We’ve divided this write-up in two components – initial we consider a take a look at how you can resolve common pc errors and within the 2nd part we consider a appear on how you can fix 1 not-so-common but extremely dangerous au_.exe error.

Actions to resolve common computer issues

Step #1 – Secure your computer from malware

Recurring mistakes in your pc might be a sign of malware infection

Malicious applications, like virus, trojans, rootkits, and spyware if present on your pc can trigger all sorts of trouble, such as sluggish computer efficiency and recurring mistakes.

The very first step of dealing with pc issues is to ensure your computer is guarded from malware. Run a malware scan in your entire computer using superior protective software and eliminate any discovered threats.

Moreover, to make sure your pc doesn’t get re-infected, keep your antimalware software up-to-date using the latest malware definitions, and schedule regular malware scans.

Stage #2 – Uninstall and reinstall the software that’s producing errors

If you are getting persistent errors when you attempt to run a specific application, chances are that one or more software files are corrupt or lacking. To resolve this issue, simply uninstall the software using the built-in Include or Eliminate programs utility and then reinstall it.

Step #3 – Set up the newest Window updates, software, and driver updates

Outdated files not only cause various mistakes, but additionally contribute to poor efficiency of one’s pc. That is why, it is recommended which you maintain your Windows files, software program, and driver files up-to-date.

Stage #4 – Carry out a System Restore

In the event the above actions don’t yield the desired outcomes, roll-back your computer to a previous date prior to errors started happening. Windows computers arrive having a useful built-in utility known as Method Restore that allows you to restore your computer to a prior day and time.

To carry out a method restore in Windows XP, carry out the following actions:

Click on Start, stage to All Programs, stage to Equipment, point to System Tools, and click Method Restore.
Select Restore my computer to an earlier time option and click on Subsequent.
In the next screen, select the day and time you want your pc to be restored to and click on Subsequent twice.
How to resolve the au_.exe error?

Au_.exe is really a malicious file that is a part with the rouge security software called Antivermins. Au_.exe process is accountable for exhibiting fake error messages to trick customers into buying the complete edition of the rogue safety system.

Usually, the au_.exe error occurs when you restart your computer following doing a malware scan. Frequently, real safety applications are able to effectively eliminate au_.exe and its connected malware program, however they might fail to eliminate all the registry entries associated to this file.

To resolve the au_.exe error, perform a thorough registry scan utilizing a robust Windows registry cleaner tool to eliminate any entries related to au_.exe file that might be nonetheless present in your method registry.

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