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Are Internet Directories any good?

by terhunetech on April 19, 2011

Since I started advertising my website, I came across a large array of internet directories, and I’ve to admit this query has been bugging me because then. Are Web Directories any great for the internet?

Let us start by getting the obvious out of the way in which first. The main objective of web directories would be to promote web sites. This is not usually done straight, by directing customers through their links, since internet directories don’t get that much visitors, but indirectly.

The way this indirect marketing functions is the fact that, after a web site is registered in several internet directories, search engines’ crawlers see the hyperlinks and count them, increasing the page rank and search results for the specific internet page.

Ok, this is fine, but what concerning the surfers? Let us be sincere, 99 percent from the people that go to web directories are internet masters that wish to market their internet sites by obtaining a few additional links. Internet directories have by no means been as well appealing to surfers. But can they turn out to be appealing? Well, my guess is they can. And also the only way to do so is to become much more consumer pleasant and also to offer surfers with useful content.
What I mean by this really is that web directories can become popular web sites if, rather than providing a listing of mediocre web sites, ordered by the ammount of cash each one of them payed for their listing in the web directory, they’d provide a list from the top web sites the web needs to offer for each category. Such a list ought to be maintained by the internet masters, by searching the internet and selecting the leading websites.
Obviously, this indicates that you simply can’t just wait around for individuals to submit any websites for your directory. You’ll have to get working on discovering the websites surfers may be interested in. Another awesome thing one could add is to permits userse to fee the web sites that are outlined. This is really a very good addition, since it adds an interactive component towards the web site and orders the websites by the ratings given by surfers.
My previous experiences with web directories or ‘Top 100’ websites have already been appaling. All of those websites had been filled with second grade hyperlinks, the kind of websites you are expecting to receive malware from to be sincere. Well, this kind of ‘Tom’s leading one hundred websites’ linking to ‘Jerry’s top car magazine’, containing 2 months aged news simply does not function. This isn’t what surfers want to see. Neither the MS-Dos kind graphics in 32 colours, nor the sponsored hyperlinks or suggested web sites.
I truly wish that the long term will deliver better web directories towards the scene. Let us be honest! You will find so numerous fantastic web sites out there that surfers don’t know about, and so small locations where you can find out about them.

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