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Inexpensive New Laptops: 3 Of The very best

by terhunetech on June 7, 2011

I understand that “cheap” is in the eye of the beholder. Not just that — the laptops in this write-up may not even be as inexpensive as something you can get off eBay and even as affordable as being a refurbished laptop.

But, face it: new laptops are almost usually going to become more expensive compared to equivalently configured desktop Pc because of the need for miniaturization with the elements. And laptops need to use various (more costly) technologies to increase battery existence.

Bottom line: you’re going to pay much more to get a laptop computer; or you are heading to get less laptop for the dollar compared to a desktop Computer.

That said, these 3 laptops — Sony VAIO, HP Pavilion, and Dell Latitude — are all solid buys in a range of costs that’s very aggressive for brand new equipment. And they arrive from good companies and provide you a variety of functions also.

Let’s get started…

Sony VAIO N170GT

This Sony design is that it doesn’t have lots of junky frills on it. It’s a clean looking design. It’s fashionable, as well. The screen is very vibrant. It doesn’t get a lot of glare. The pace and performance is okay. Actually, for your cost, it is not poor. The battery is good for most likely around 4 hrs. Not super, but sufficient to view a movie on a plane flight.

Around the downside, this laptop utilizes an older Intel Core Duo processor. It comes with integrated graphics, which indicates the overall performance isn’t that great. But you are not having to pay lots of cash for this laptop computer both. If you’re heading to install Windows Vista on this machine you’re going to want to upgrade the memory.

All round, this model of Sony’s VAIO provides you a good price, but not a truly potent processor. But the laptop looks great. It is extremely fashionable and appealing.

If appears count and you want to conserve some bucks, this is a great machine. Brand-new, this design expenses about $1100 plus tax and shipping.

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