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How Anti-Virus Retains Your Computer From Crashing

by terhunetech on May 17, 2011

I’ll be the first to admit I did not know much about computer systems.I always believed whenever you acquired a pc it came with everything you needed.What I didn’t know was which you always need an anti-virus in your pc to keep it from crashing.My computer of course arrived with that,but I didn’t know after a particular length of time you have to spend to renew it.

I always believed the terminally on the computer was strange.Things like anti-virus,checking the cookies,The mouse,seemed crazy to me.Nicely following I discovered out that I had been running my pc without any anti-virus system I didn’t know what to complete.My husband and I are on a fixed revenue so I could not really afford to buy something else for the pc.It took me many years to conserve up to get this computer.I by no means expected you can get some thing at no cost to you.I discovered out that there are many free websites to obtain a anti-virus program.

A great deal of those sites allow you to download the anti- virus safety for totally free.Which was right up my alley,totally free! Well following I downloaded it I had to figure out next how you can use it.I’m not really swift on a pc.I discovered that I just hit the button that says begin scanning and also the anti-virus system scans every thing and tells me if my computer has any viruses on it.I also learned you need to not put a great deal of things in your pc you truly don’t have to have on it.I adore audio so I would download a great deal of my preferred songs on my pc.

That way when I get on my computer I can play my preferred songs.I didn’t realize that slowed your computer down.I also cherished to play video games on the computer such as bingo or slots.I sure discovered out pretty quickly that not only can you shed your cash quick,downloading these websites could have caused problems on my pc.I was told that the anti-virus program protects my pc from sites like these.Following I was informed I really did not need those kind of issues on my pc I went to my include and delete program and delete them.

My computer really began to run faster after a online computer repair tech removed them for me. I also go to run and kind in cookies and obvious every thing out of it.It would be to simple for somebody out there who knows how to hack into peoples computers to obtain my personal info.Identification theft is also a large problem these days.I really trust my anti-virus program to safeguard me from these kinds of issues as identification theft but I’ve to do my part also.

I need to be careful about placing my social safety number more than the computer,or most important my credit card number or my banking info.So remember to be intelligent about those type of things and attempt to use your anti-virus system a minimum of twice a week.

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