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What company generally makes better laptops for someone who is new to computers?

by on April 19, 2011

Query by Corpse: What business normally makes greater laptops for somebody who is new to computer systems?
My father figure wants to acquire a new laptop or computer for himself and hardly understands anything at all about computer systems. Because he is relatively new and said so himself that he isn’t interested in undertaking any complicated tasks (just general points like surfing the net, buying on-line, youtube, etc.) what kind of firm makes a better laptop for newbies? Intel, or compaq?

Finest solution:

Remedy by cen
He won’t discover the distinction in between a personal computer produced by Company A and one produced by Organization B.

The only thing that a person who is new to personal computers would care about is how effortless the running technique is to use. To them, the only distinction in between the two brand names is which logo is printed on the aspect of the machine.

That being the case, he really should probably get whatever computer is least expensive and acquire a duplicate of Windows for it if it is not preinstalled. Windows is Windows is Windows, irregardless of what hardware it really is operating on, so he should be just as content with any brand (as extended as it doesn’t break down or anything).

EDIT: Or he could get a Macbook. OS X is appropriate up there with Edubuntu as 1 of the best running techniques for men and women who have tiny to no knowledge making use of personal computers. Moreover, if he has a Mac, he can be as reckless as he would like to be in terms of safety and not suffer any malware infections.

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Robert F April 19, 2011 at 2:19 am

I think you go for intel. The most reliable computer and laptops are made by intel.

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