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Tips For Connecting the New Computer to My Server

by on April 24, 2011

The server is the pc that will handle requests for applications, info and other network companies from other personal computers that are recognized as consumers. A relationship amongst the individual laptop or computer, but also the server is often referred to as customer-server. The benefit of having the server is that many computers can entry the network and also the related residual sources of the server. You can configure your new pc network to link to the server. Here’s a lot more info for you.

For the initial action you will need to configure your security settings on a router by setting your protection protocols as effectively as IP addresses you use on your network. After that, entry to a graphical consumer interface of the router to configure your network settings trough the URL provided in the router’s manual.

For the 2nd step, you can link the Ethernet cable to the WAN port on your router and the other finish to a server. The LED on your router may well be lit to show that the server will be detected.

For the subsequent action, click “Start” from a method tray found at the bottom of the display on your server. After that, click on on “My Computer” from an application and settings menu.

Right after that, determine resources that will be available by the new computer. After this, right click on on your hard generate, then choose “Sharing and Security” selection. Check out “Share this folder on your network possibilities so the pc can access material from a challenging drive on your server .

It is critical for you to click on on the button “Start” from a technique tray positioned at the bottom of the screen. Click on “Management Panel” from an software and settings menu. After that, click on “System” alternative. Then click on the “System” and click on on “Laptop or computer Name” tab. After that, enter the title of the laptop or computer to identify your network.

Click on “Network Connections” from Management Panel window. After this, appropriate-click “Regional Location Connection” and click on “Properties”.Then, enter all the IP addresses for the internal network. The server generally ends in the range one particular and also looks comparable to

You want to connect the Ethernet cable to open the WAN port on your router and the other stop to the laptop or computer. The LED on your router may well mild to show your server is detected.

After that, click “Start” from your method tray found at the bottom of the display screen. Click on “Management Panel” from an software and settings menu. Then click “System” choice. Click on the “system” and also click on the pc name “tab.” Right after that, enter your personal computer identify that has asked the server in the prior stage.

For the very last phase, you must restart a server, a router and the laptop or computer. The connection can be activated among the computer and the server

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