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Third-Party Hardware Maintenance vs Manufacturer’s Guarantee: What’s Greatest For your Business?

by terhunetech on April 14, 2011

When purchasing pc hardware for your company, system availability is a main consideration. While you desire it’ll remain dependable, you need to manage the threat that at a while a crucial system element will fail, calling for hardware maintenance.

This kind of failures often result in the system being unavailable to users until repaired. This ‘system down-time’ could be extremely pricey when users sit idle and unproductive.

Many assume that the regular manufacturer’s guarantee will adequately protect them. But the ‘small print’ of standard warranties can lead to less than satisfactory hardware upkeep results for businesses. Even costly guarantee uplifts might not deliver sufficient protection against these costs.

RESPONSE Occasions

One of your systems fails, so you contact the warranty-provider’s telephone hotline and speak to an operator in a contact centre — perhaps overseas — who merely requires a message.

If the failed system is beneath a ‘next company day’ phone response arrangement for hardware maintenance, then your employees could be unable to complete their job for each day or much more before the guarantee supplier even gets about to diagnosing the problem. And having a ‘best effort’ onsite response, it could be a number of days prior to a hardware maintenance engineer arrives.

If the system loss has company-wide effect then the implications are even more severe. Regular warranties only cover you for hardware maintenance during operating hours — so a failure on the Friday afternoon could leave your company crippled well in to the subsequent Monday.

Companies that cannot manage this type of downtime should look to specialist third celebration hardware upkeep companies that maximise system availability by tailoring support arrangements to satisfy your specific company needs.

Search for hardware maintenance support providers who offer short, defined response occasions — such as a assure of the response to your contact within ten minutes from a educated hardware upkeep engineer who will solve your issue, and on-site response inside two hrs for critical system failures.

Also look for organisations who will assign a hardware upkeep engineer permanently to your account. This ensures that they become familiar together with your IT environment and personnel — a element crucial to ensuring speedy response and resolution of critical system failures.

Components HOLDINGS

Hardware maintenance response times are irrelevant if you then need to watch for components to be shipped from interstate or overseas. Gear producers generally maintain replacement elements for warranty service inside a single location nationally. As a result, you may be awaiting 24 to 48 hours while the component you’ll need is delivered, delivered and set up.

A hardware maintenance provider which is focussed on maximising system uptime holds spares locally to shorten delivery occasions. Ask potential support providers for an explanation of their parts keeping strategies and methodologies. Discover what ratio of spares are held against systems beneath contract and whether these components are frequently examined. With sufficient local spares, hardware upkeep engineers can attend website using the suitable part in hand to further pace the fix process.


A regular guarantee will only cover you for the fix of your system, which includes the delivery and installation of replacement components, and provides no guarantees regarding when your hardware maintenance issue will probably be resolved.

A hardware maintenance service tailored to maximise systems availability, nevertheless, provides a great deal much more, which includes:

– taking ownership with the ‘grey’ areas — such as operating system issues along with other leads to of hardware problems.

– a first-call repair charge of over 95% — which means you won’t have to wait for multiple engineer visits prior to system performance is restored.

These superior support levels meet the operational requirements of businesses which are dependent on system availability. Ask possible hardware maintenance companies for consumer testimonials and references to substantiate their service ranges.

SO, Is really a Regular MANUFACTURER’S Warranty Truly Great Sufficient For your Business?

A regular guarantee service might be ‘free’, but having staff unable to function — or clients in a position to get in touch with you — could wind up costing your business seriously within the long operate. Even costly warranty uplifts do not completely mitigate the dangers.

The great news is that specialised and highly-focused third-party hardware maintenance solutions are obtainable to solve this issue.

Your hardware maintenance agreement can be tailored to satisfy your particular operational needs and threat management technique. Paid on the monthly foundation, they offer you better money movement and operational versatility — for around the same as a manufacturer’s warranty uplift.

But most significantly, they are able to decrease system downtime by many hrs a year — conserving you numerous 1000’s in lost productivity and income.

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