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Building A Computer – Picking Components

by terhunetech on March 30, 2011

Picking the parts for the pc is among the most essential issues in building a computer, simply because you cant assemble a computer without the components! Picking parts for computers has turn out to be a lot simpler than before, because issues have already been standardized, nevertheless, you need to make certain everything will match. The first thing to think about when choosing the components for your pc is what you are going to be utilizing it for. If you are creating a pc for just checking your email and using phrase, you are going to need much diffrent parts than a pc that you are heading to be using for gaming.

The first factor you should choose out about your pc is what CPU you are going to make use of, simply because it determines what motherboard you are going to obtain, which decides what other elements you get. You will find two main CPU manufactruers, Intel and AMD. Both have their Benefits and drawbacks, but they are pretty comparable. I’d recommend utilizing AMD, simply because they give you a little much more bang for the buck.

Here is a short overview of the different Intel and AMD CPUs:
Budget: AMD Athlon II X2
Intel: Pentium E6600

Midrange: AMD Athlon II X4
Intel: Core i3-550

High End: AMD: Phenom II X6
Intel: Core i7-975 Extreme Edition

If you are investing beneath $500, I’d recommend a budget proccesor, In between $500 and $1000, midrange and $1000 and over I’d recommend a high finish proccessor.

Choosing the proper motherboard is important to building your computer. First, make certain you discover a motherboard that has the right socket kind for the CPU. Then, verify the diffrent functions with the motherboards you’re looking at. If you arent heading to buy a video clip or sound card, make certain your motherboard has onboard video and/or sound. Other things to check for on your motherboard would be the tough drive interface, graphics card interface, expansion slots, the memory dimension and pace. Also, check for your chipset. There are too numerous to talk about, but generally Intel and nVidia chipsets are much better than the other ones. Now that you picked out your motherboard, you know what to search for in your other components.

Obtaining the proper speed and amount of RAM is important to the pace and balance of your system. If you’re running XP, you will probably require at least 1Gb of RAM. If you’re heading to become doing something memory intensive, gaming, rendering or just want a quicker computer, you should get 4Gb. Make certain your motherboard has sufficient DIMMs and the correct kind of DIMMs for the RAM. Also, be sure to check the speed and CAS Latency. DDR three is the newest ram available.

Hard Drive
Now its time to choose your hard drive. There are few variables in choosing a hard drive. The very first, and most essential is dimension, 500Gb is generally sufficient for many people unless, you are heading to be storing alot of pictures and video. Also, make sure you get an High definition with the proper interace that fits your motherboard. Almost all motherboards have IDE, but some have SATA (Serial ATA) Which is a much faster hard drive interface and uses a thinner cable which assists with airflow inside your situation. There is even SATAII now, which is twice as fast. Also look at pace, nearly all desktop HDs are 7200RPM and Cache, most are 16Mb, dont buy a High definition below these requirements. If you want to invest some cash, you are able to get 2 HDs and run them in RAID which increases efficiency.

Video clip Cards
If you are going to be doing any gaming, make sure to purchase a video clip card, if youre not, onboard video clip is fine. The first factor to verify for will be the interface, most are AGP or PCI-E. I personally like nVidia cards much better. If you’re going to be performing graphic intensive games, I’d recommend at least a 6600. When you have alot to invest, go with a 7800.

Optical/Floppy drives
An additional thing you’re heading to is a CD drive, most are IDE. Obtain a DVD Burner if you’re heading to use it. Also, you should obtain a floppy drive, they’re only $10ish and you may need it to install drivers when creating your computer.

Situation and Energy Supply
Make certain you’ve a sufficient power supply!! If you have a higher finish computer, you need to obtain a 450W PSU. Or else, 350W ought to be good for most people. Most cases are ATX, but make sure it’s the exact same kind as your motherboard (ATX, MicroATX, BTX, and so on…).

Make sure to make sure all your elements are suitable!

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