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9 Tips To Keep Microsoft Windows XP Operating Smooth

by terhunetech on April 3, 2011

There are many issues that cause a pc to become sluggish from software to hardware. It could be also small a hard drive or not enough RAM. It can be anything from BIOS and/or Running System Configurations to applications which are consuming up your CPU and RAM (no matter how much you have). Or it can be your network.

Personally, I function my computer like a young mother having a house filled with kids twelve to eighteen hours a day.

That mom requirements to unwind in the finish of the day and so does my pc and most likely yours also.

Right here are 9 Tips within the buy they ought to be finished that will assist keep your computer happy and working with out complaining:

1. This is so basic I shouldn’t have to say it, Maintain Which Actually E-Mail Program You use Cleaned Out. I have clients who’re always complaining, but who refuse to dump years and many years of accrued e-mail.

2. Make sure you’ve a good anti virus plan (Only 1 per pc please), have it up to date, and auto monitoring.

3. Make certain you’ve a great anti spy ware plan (Only 1 per computer), have it as much as date, and auto monitoring.

4. Run Disk Clean Up Every day (Begin, Applications, Accessories, System Tools, Disk Clean Up – a box opens – make sure each box is checked, click ‘OK’ – a box pops up – Click Indeed).

5. Delete Cookies and Cached Files Every day (Begin, Manage Panel -if you’ve not carried out it however, click ‘Switch To Traditional View’, Internet Choices – a pop up box will appear – Delete Cookies, Click Ok, Click on Delete Files – check ‘Delete All Offline Content’ – Click Okay, Now Set Your Clear Background to no more than 7 Days – if you haven’t used it for a week you probably will not miss it – Click Okay)

6. A very important step nearly everybody misses: Empty The Prefetch Folder (Start, My Pc, ‘C’ , Windows, Prefetch Folder, Edit, Choose All, File, Delete – pop up box seems – Click on Yes, Shut Windows Window)

7. Empty Recycle Bin. For the sake of brevity, I am assuming everybody understands exactly where it’s and how to empty it.

8. Scan Tough Drive ‘C’ (Start, My Computer, Correct Click on ‘C’ – box opens – Click on Properties in the bottom – an additional box opens – Click on Equipment, Click on Verify Now, Make sure each ‘Automatically repair file system errors’ and ‘Scan for and try recovery of poor sectors’ are checked, Click on Start. Get a cup of java (oh, black, thank you) and Wait around !

9. Defrag Computer (Begin, Applications, Accessories, System Tools, Disk Defragmenter – window opens – Select ‘C’ Drive, Click Defragment). Pop a leading and Wait !

The final two actions (8 and nine) can take awhile if they have not been done lately. I total this entire program on my pc just prior to I stop work for that day everyday and also the entire sequence takes no lengthier than twenty minutes and often much less.

You are able to find much more help with free download links at

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