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7 Top Tips for Microsoft Word Users

by terhunetech on April 3, 2011

Microsoft Phrase is definitely an extremely easy device to start using. Nevertheless you will find plenty of interesting features “under the bonnet”. A number of these functions can conserve you a great deal of time when producing paperwork. I am amazed that they’re not as well recognized as they ought to be. These leading 7 suggestions are my favourites and I can’t imagine existence with Microsoft Phrase before I discovered them!

1. Oops. I left Caps lock on!

We all know that feeling. You’re typing away merrily and then you look up at your display to realise that you had hit the Caps Lock button. Now everything you just typed is within the incorrect capitalisation. Do not despair. Highlight the text and goto the Format menu and choose Alter Situation from the drop down menu. Then just choose your preferred case through the list supplied, which will probably be tOGGLE situation.

2. While we are speaking Instances.

Some useful shortcut keys:

Highlight your text and click on Manage Shift A to set it all to Upper Case.

Manage Shift K will set it to Small capitals.

3. Moving rapidly around your document.

Try these shortcuts to get about your document rapidly.

Control Alt Page Down: Subsequent Page
Control Alt Page Up: Previous Web page
Control Home: Go to the leading of your document
Manage Alt End: Go to the finish of one’s document

Also, with later on versions of Word there’s a clever small button beneath the vertical scroll bar called the Select Browse Object. Click on this and choose one of its options to browse through your document heading straight to the next table, graphic, heading etc.

4. I’m lost. Exactly where was I?

Forgot where you simply made a alter in your document? Attempt pressing Shift F5.
This will consider you back again towards the final place you made a change. You can do that two much more occasions to go back again towards the two prior changes.

5. One click discover

One of the annoyances with the Find display whenever you are searching for incidence of text in your document is the fact that it always appears to seem correct over the text your are looking for! However there is no need to maintain the display open. Once you’ve utilized the Find command to discover the very first entry, shut the Discover screen. You need to notice that the small double arrows below the vertical scroll bar on the proper of Word have changed to blue. Click on these to go up and down your document finding your text.

6. Numbering the rows inside your tables

How numerous occasions have you developed a table where you simply want the very first column to become a numbered list. It is simple to complete this rapidly. Simply choose the column and click on around the Numbering button on your Phrase toolbar. The exact same thing works in the event you select a row and want to have numbering across your columns

7. Fast Web page breaks

My final suggestion is truly simple and it is most likely the one I use the most. To insert a web page break rapidly, simply use CTRL Enter

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