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5 Things to Do as Soon as You Purchase a New Computer

by on April 22, 2011

Have you just obtained a new desktop or laptop computer? Congratulations, and hopefully you will get plenty of use out of your new machine, regardless of whether it is for business, finance, study, multimedia, or purely enjoyment (or a tiny of all the over).

&#13But wait around – don’t open the boxes, plug in the cords, and try out to commence browsing the World wide web just but! Take a couple of minutes and comply with these five measures that can aid increase your computer security and possibly remove some possible headaches down the street.

&#131. Emergency Disks

&#13Some computer systems appear packaged with CDs or DVDs you can use to reinstall the operating program and preinstalled software program in case a thing goes wrong, this kind of as a hard generate hiccup, malware infestation, or an itchy trigger finger that loves pressing the ‘Del’ crucial. If these discs are integrated, spot them in a secure location and make copies once the computer is set up.

&#13If these did not occur with your personal computer, study its manual for directions on how to develop them, if feasible. Do so ASAP – just before you go on the internet, install new software, uninstall application that came prepackaged but you do not will need, etc. Far better yet, make a 2nd copy of these disks for secure holding.

&#132. Install Security Application

&#13Before connecting to the Internet, possibly via a wired or Wi-Fi connection, make sure you have a operating firewall and antivirus software program at a BARE minimal browsing with out these kinds of programs can open your laptop or computer up to all types of nasty malware. If your running technique has a created-in firewall, flip this on if nothing at all else is offered, but do consider downloading a replacement.

&#13If you have yet another pc, use it to download a firewall, anti-virus, and anti-malware applications. Both burn up a CD/DVD or use a USB flash drive to copy them to the new machine. Set up this computer software prior to you ever before connect to the World wide web to reduce the odds of problems. When you are online, quickly download updates as essential.

&#13Note that if your personal computer comes with security computer software, you could require to take away these packages first if you make a decision to install alternate options (see beneath).

&#133. Uninstall Computer software

&#13Go by way of the listing of put in application by means of the computer’s “Add/Take away Programs”, “Uninstall or modify a program”, or equivalent device (examine the Manage Panel). Take away any preinstalled “bloatware”, software program you may not need these as trial video games, picture applications you may possibly never ever use, internet site toolbars, back links to Internet Service Providers you will in no way entry (specially if you currently have 1), etc. Do preserve the set up protection software program unless you are offline and ready to install different apps.

&#134. Consider a New World wide web Browser

&#13When you go on the web, you are not stuck with your operating system’s default web browser if you want to surf the net. There are a great deal of choices accessible this kind of as Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Google Chrome, and making use of another web browser may improve your overall safety.

&#13Even if you install a new world wide web browser, be sure to keep the one that came with your running system up-to-date to assist stop malware from attacking your system through an exploit.

&#135. Update All Application

&#13Speaking of performing application updates, soon after going on-line but before searching the net, quickly update your operating program (like the constructed-in web browser). Check for updates to document readers such as Adobe Acrobat Reader and any set up multimedia gamers. Plus, glimpse for updates to set up browser plug-ins this kind of as Adobe Flash, Adobe Shockwave, Java, QuickTime, and RealPlayer. Exploits can probably be identified in any computer software put in on your technique keeping everything up-to-date assists reduce the chance of your personal computer getting infected by malware.

&#13While you may possibly right away be ready to unpack and use your new laptop or computer, subsequent these 5 actions will assist enhance your security when heading on the internet. Generate or discover emergency recovery discs and store them in a safe location in scenario ‘stuff’ takes place. Set up safety computer software these as firewall, antivirus, and anti-spyware applications prior to you connect to the World wide web. Get rid of unneeded “bloatware” and contemplate installing an alternate internet browser. Last but not least, before common world wide web surfing or other routines, make certain your running system and all put in computer software are up-to-date. By executing these methods, you can begin your pc off right, blocking malware and operating nicely for hopefully decades to come.

&#13Copyright 2009 Andrew Malek.

Andrew Malek owns the MalekTips pc assist web site. MalekTips gives advice on finding the most out of your laptop or computer and other engineering these as world wide web browser tricks, advice on how to keep protected when on the internet, and digital photography ideas.

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