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Six Largest Mistakes Produced when Hiring a Cabling Contractor

by terhunetech on April 6, 2011

Cabling of information and voice systems is often ignored by many businesses until the last minute just before relocation or new creating requires place. Numerous information systems experts view it as being a low priority or something that just requires away from their spending budget for actual network components such as servers or software program. Nevertheless having a state of the artwork easy to handle cabling system is simply as important as good reliable servers on the network. Cabling is the backbone of any pc network; it ties all of the elements of the network with each other therefore it ought to receive as a lot careful consideration as any other network component.

Mistake quantity one – Blindly choosing the lowest bidder

This will be the most common mistake made when putting in voice and data network cabling. Often the lowest bidder will be the contractor who’s the smallest, has the least expertise or the 1 that made a mistake on their bid. Prior to making this choice you should know your contractor. Find out how lengthy they have been in business, visit a few of the big installations they’ve carried out and by all indicates go visit their offices and warehouse. A site go to to their workplace will let you know the majority of what you should learn about an organization. Make sure your contractor has completed work opportunities of similar scope and size.

Mistake number two – Selecting the manufactures product which will be installed

Numerous companies have attempted to standardize on the particular manufacture of cabling system. A few of the larger manufactures are Belden, Comscope, Ortronics, AMP and Leviton. You can’t go wrong with any of these large names. However IT managers and corporate executives get hung up on trying to standardize simply because they think it’ll make issues easier for the IT employees. The actuality with the situation is that if you select any with the bigger names the only elements that may not be interchangeable are the faceplates. Obviously there are efficiency standards also plus they all claim to be the very best. Do your own research and select a manufacture that you simply feel includes a powerful company which will be there to stand behind their item should you even need to create a guarantee claim

Mistake quantity 3 – Having to pay an excessive amount of for the latest cabling technologies

The reality is that today’s network elements and network components with the long term cannot exceed the specifications of Cat 5E and Cat 6 cabling elements. Combine this with the fact that the average company moves each and every three to four many years. You’ll find it hard to advantage from future proofing a creating you do not occupy. Take a look at you present infrastructure, what equipment or programs do you plan to add or upgrade? Is Gigabit or ten Gigabit Ethernet an option for you personally within the close to future?

Error number four – Not using universal wiring

The EIA/TIA and BICSI each suggest a universal wiring platform for the Communications Infrastructure. In the old days the typical set up would consist of just one voice grade cable for that telephone system along with a single information grade cable (Cat three, Cat5, Cat5E or Cat six) for his or her computer systems. This of course dedicates the usability of those cables to one system type. This is further exacerbated through the termination technique used. Voice cables had been traditionally terminated on 66 fashion blocks (66m1-50), which aren’t user pleasant and require a special device and cross connect wire to create modifications. Telephony businesses have made a killing for years just executing MAC function (Moves, Adds and Changes) simply because a customer was unable or unwilling to brave the phone closet and perform the MAC function themselves.

The practice of utilizing a true universal wiring platform is now the regular for all trustworthy cabling contractors. A Universal Wiring Platform is made up of all data grade components that are downward suitable for all voice programs. A common installation would include 3 Class 5E or Class six cables all terminated on a 110 type Patch Panel. In the wall plate all cable would be terminated around the matching grade of eight position modular jack (incorrectly know as an RJ-45). This style not only allows for optimum versatility were the consumer could have three computers or three phones or 2 pc and 1 phone or any configuration that works for their application. The point is the fact that now the customer is in complete control of their cabling infrastructure and does not have to spend a contractor to come out every time they move an office. Within the lengthy operate this will also save you money around the overall cabling system as it’ll shift and flex to meet your requirements with out having to deliver inside your cabling contractor. Remember, having the contractor in after building has completed will entail them pulling out ceiling tiles and standing on desks while you’re trying to do company. The elimination with the disruption alone causes it to be worth whilst.

Error number five – No CAD pre installation and post installation CAD drawings.

Most customers really don’t have any idea what their cabling platform will appear like once they signal the paperwork. They rely on their contractor to “just do the right thing”. Don’t make this mistake, if you do not understand how your infrastructure will work or what it should look like, do not signal. Your contractor ought to have the ability to take your creating blue print and overlay his cabling plan on top of your electrical ideas. This may give you a visual representation of what you are paying for and permit you to inquire questions. Similarly, after the task is total you need to receive what’s known as an “As Constructed Drawing” displaying all your communications outlets with a requirements primarily based numbering system. Some contractor will even provide a scale elevation plan showing had been your patch panels are and how much room you have left in each rack for development and or other gear. This should be supplied for you both hard copy and in AutoCAD format for the architect to incorporate into your last building As Builts.

Error quantity 6 – Not getting a style prior to the job starts.

This seems to be all over the board, some people don’t have any design strategy what so actually. Some pays $10,000 for an engineering firm to create a specification were they cost by the pound for the spec. Don’t be fooled that a large spec is a good spec. Frequently a specification filed with time consuming exercises for that bidding contractor and unneeded pricing breakouts will only stop great contractors from bidding on your project. What you would like is a spec that clearly defines your reasonable requirements, demands fundamental qualification with references and does it as rapidly and merely as possible. Don’t try to write a spec which will cover each and every contingency, you will drive your contractor absent and you will only confuse the process more. Once you’ve selected your contractor based on an apple s to apple comparison, you can usually and ought to usually sit right down to talk about the undertaking and other choices that they suggest. One more factor, usually, usually have the contractor offer you with a components list with quantities, not person prices, just quantities. This may help you weed out the contractors that did their homework whenever you begin to compare their checklist of parts.

Error quantity six – No cable management

All cabling systems will look organized prior to they are used, that is simple. Display me that cabling system after 6 months and I will tell you in the event the proper wire management was utilized. “Used” becoming the key phrase right here. Keep in mind, you can have the best wiring management within the globe, if you do not strictly enforce its use with your IT Employees, you will possess a mess. That stated, your contractor should offer you having a good design. My recommendation is, pay attention to your contractor, they know more than you do about this. Then, go go to a few of the sites which are done the way they suggest. See how they look following becoming used a few months. Ask the consumer how simple it’s to maintain organized. Don’t underestimate the value of this step. In case your patch panels are a mess and also you cannot impact modifications in a fast and orderly fashion then you’d have been better off paying your contractor to complete the MAC work for you personally.

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