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Updating a Laptop

by terhunetech on March 31, 2011

Desktops have already been lengthy recognized to be upgrade-able when it comes to memory and tough drive area but little is known about updating notebooks.

The first factor to think about will be the laptop computer by itself. It must have growth slots for extra sticks of RAM in the event you wish to upgrade memory. This can also be carried out by changing the present stick of RAM but this technique is not cost efficient.

To upgrade a notebook the bottom cover should be removed. When performing this any guarantee the laptop computer has will turn out to be void so if you choose to upgrade your notebook computer, you must be prepared to forfeit the warranty.

Upgrading RAM on the laptop is no various to updating RAM on the desktop. In case your notebook computer has extra RAM slots you merely need to purchase some more RAM and install it within the empty slots. In case your laptop computer doesn’t have expansion slots you’ll have to substitute the current stick of RAM. If you had a 256mb stick of RAM, you would replace it having a 1GB or 512mb stick.

Replacing the tough drive is really a lot easier but complicated at the exact same time. Changing the real drive is really easy. You merely disconnect the current drive and replace with the new 1. The complex component is recovering all of your drivers and so forth through the drive. Without your drivers the hardware in your laptop won’t perform properly. It’s important to make sure you’ve all of the original driver CD’s that arrived using the laptop computer.

Within the situation of information files you’ve on your notebook computer, you can merely back as much as DVD’s and CD’s, but in the event you do not possess a burner, you are able to simply buy an external case to get a laptop drive and use that to shop your files.

Updating a notebook computer, even though not as simple as having a desktop, can nonetheless be done.

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