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Apple Powerbook – Is It Better Compared to Other Laptops?

by terhunetech on May 28, 2011

There continues to be a lengthy standing debate as to whether or not Mac laptops are much better than PCs. Owners of Mac laptops say yes. Numerous owners of other manufacturers hate Mac laptops and vehemently say no. Let’s evaluate the Apple powerbook to other manufacturers based on a set of functions.


Powerbooks are now able to utilizing the exact same Intel processors as other laptops, so processor pace is not really an problem any longer.

Running program:

This really is probably the area with the most intense debates. The Mac OS X used in powerbooks uses a Unix platform to drive it is system. Numerous programmers think that this gives the powerbook an edge as it’s a superior program, since it can deal with a big number of apps running at as soon as.

Software program:

It’s true that much from the software becoming produced is geared more towards PCs than powerbooks. When it comes to productivity equipment, powerbooks arrive with a complete set of software program that’s similar to the typical Windows software. You can get web browsers, e-mail equipment as well as antivirus software. Nevertheless, if you plan on using Mac laptops for gaming, you might operate into some issues. Many of the popular video games just are not suitable using the powerbook. Even the graphics software, for which Mac laptops were well-known, are now suitable with PCs.


This may just be the area exactly where PCs win outright. Just take a look at Dell. Whilst you can customize your powerbook, as much as a stage, it is nowhere close to what businesses like Dell and HP are offering.


Anyone could be a little skeptical about an operating program which prompts you to download and install security updates to fix bugs on the regular foundation. Windows is not probably the most secure system, as evidenced through the tens of thousand of viruses that attack it. The powerbook does possess a more secure system, but you will find viruses out there that assault Mac laptops, just nowhere as numerous.


You only require to take a take a look at numerous company web sites to understand that powerbooks are much more costly than PCs. The powerbook running program by itself is less expensive so it may be an choice if you are creating a program your self.

So what is the bottom line? Mac laptops ruled the roost, because it had been, for numerous many years. Whilst the OS X running system is still superior, PCs have arrive a long way in catching up. Unless of course you truly possess a strong preference, you might be better off obtaining a Computer having a good antivirus program.

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