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If a flat tax is so wonderful, how come republicans don’t support it?

by on March 28, 2011

Question by Montana Mcdonald: If a flat tax is so wonderful, how come republicans don’t assistance it?
Would you assist a flat tax of twenty% when you are spending 15% in funds gains off your stock trades??? Of program not!!! This is who feathers the republican nest, the rich 1% who make over 200,000. This is why the center course pays most of the taxes and the wealthy get all the warships for oil!

Best solution:

Solution by Adin Taylor
Okay good, Republican are evil. Pleased?
-the Simple fact is that NO Democrat will help a Flat Tax. Know why? Because their constituents would truly have to shell out one thing.

I’m not waving the Republican elephant flag, I just think they are far more likely to consider the street that is level fairly than downhill.

What do you believe? Response under!

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Phil McGroyen March 28, 2011 at 10:31 am

You’re about 100% false, and you know it, making it a lie. The top 50% of income earners pay 98% of all income taxes. Many conservatives, including myself, support the Fair Tax. look it up, if you dare. Democrats HATE flat taxes.

Ou812 The Hated Crakker March 28, 2011 at 10:53 am

Obviously you have no idea how that works.
Let me explain it as simply as I can; You only pay 15% in capital gains IF it is a long term investment(One that exceeds a year). How are you going to get wealthy when your money is tied up to one stock for a year?

OFTEN, you have to sell and it is considered a short term profit which nets a 40% tax.

Now, how would you feel if those few who invested in long term, mostly elderly who use it as a supplemental income, were to not invest it? Guess what? No start up and expansion money.

It is wonderful but Republicans don’t support it for the same reason Democrats don’t support it; MONEY is power and they get their money through taxation.

This isn’t a Rep/Dem problem, this is an US vs. Them problem.

volleyballchick (cowards block) March 28, 2011 at 11:46 am

Thanks for taking my answer.

Republicans typically are the party of the wealthy businessmen and women, and the ones that have money (I said “typically” – but each party has individuals with money and those without). And when your interests lie in the world of money, the less you pay the better.

The top 1% with over 90% of the money in this nation don’t want to have to pay more in taxes than the other 99% that have only 10% of the money. That would cut into their money, and that would also solve a lot of the issues that this nation has with money.

Don’t you know that people lobby in the government for money? They lobby to keep money, to get more money or to have others get less money. It is all about money – nothing more. Even legislation in the end comes down to money and having, getting or keeping money. And those that can afford to pay lobbyists don’t want to lose more money. Those of us that need our money can’t afford to pay lobbyists and we sit and get screwed by the government in the end.

@Phil McGroyen: But the top 2% that actually possess the top 90% of the money in this nation don’t pay the most, and they feel it the least. Check out the numbers from the 2009 IRS income taxes. It is the people in the grouping of the top 50% that pay, and of that, the ones in the pay bracketing of $ 200,000 and lower actually pay the most percentage wise and dollar wise for income taxes. The top 2% don’t pay the most at all. They are the ones that get off the best because they can afford to pay for the “tax shelters” as well as lobby for the laws that benefit them in the way of taxes.

Basically, those that want the money for election time will not go for the flat tax, even thouhg in the end, it would be the best way to go for this nation. It would eventually get rid of the IRS as it is, and the taxes would be much simpler to do. I am all for it!!!

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