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Backing Up Microsoft Outlook Express Along with other Files

by terhunetech on April 4, 2011

Has your pc ever crashed on you? I don’t mean the regular everyday, “I’m a Microsoft Item so I should shutdown” crashes, I imply truly crashed exactly where you can’t boot back again up. Where your tough drive just quit working or some other main problem produced you lose all of your data.

It is like losing your wallet. Dropping your money isn’t so bad, but all that time getting new ID, credit cards, along with other essential papers is aggravating. On your pc there is a large amount of data we take for granted every day.

Paperwork we’ve produced, music we’ve downloaded, photos we have saved, and so a lot much more. Many people know its smart to back up these items onto a CD-ROM or onto storage space someplace around the internet, but what are a few of the other issues you should be backing up?

Do you allow cookies to become saved on your pc to keep in mind your login info for web sites that you go to a great deal? You then also have to find the “cookies” folder in your computer and back again that up as well. In Windows 98 its in C:windowscookies. In Windows XP, its in C:documents and settingsusernamecookies.

Do you know all your passwords by heart? Do you employ a program to handle passwords? If you use a program, find it, most likely in program files, and back up the files inside that folder that associated for your saved password files. In the event you actually have to reinstall that program you are able to re-add those files in to the new folder and also have all of your old password files.

In the event you don’t use a program, you should possess a system of recovering those passwords if your pc ever quits on you. If you don’t have 1, produce one and add all of your new passwords you produce to it. Do not put it inside your wallet.

Hit F3 on your computer and select look for files on C Drive. Type in (*).PWL(*) without the parenthesis. It’s the asterisk dot pwl asterisk without any spaces. Hit search and windows will find all the password files for you. To find them manually, verify C:windows. Back again up those files if you would like your pc logins to stay the same.

What about your e-mail? Not just the saved email, but the whole folder framework you invested time making, your deal with guide, as well as your account information with all the correct settings to deliver and obtain e-mail. You’ll wish to back again these up when you do all your other backups.

First, how you can backup all of the e-mail and folder framework in Outlook Express. Open Outlook Express. Go to tools, options, maintenance. There will be a button there that says “store folder”. Click on on that. Highlight the whole route that comes up in the small text box. Now hit cancel and cancel to close all popups.

Click on “start” inside your task bar. Go to operate. Paste the path you simply copied in to the text box and hit enter. A folder will open. Visit edit, choose all, then visit edit once more and select “copy”. Now shut that folder. Right click on on your computer desktop, choose new, folder.Rename that folder “mailbackup”. Open that folder. Go to edit, paste.

Depart that folder open so you can backup your mail account configurations and info. Now go back again to Outlook Express. Go to equipment, accounts, mail. You will do the subsequent for every mail account you have. Highlight 1 account, Click Export. Browse to where the mailbackup file is in your desktop and export it into there. Once you do that with each account, you are able to cancel out of the open dialog boxes.

Now, for the address guide. Go to Outlook Express 1 much more time. Go to export. Select address book. Choose text file. Browse again towards the mailbackup folder and export it to there.

Now using winzip or other file compression utility, you can zip the mailbackup folder up and back again it as much as CD-ROM or to an on-line storage location. Make a schedule of backing these things I’ve included within the write-up. Consider it insurance coverage in opposition to a tough drive crash. Believe me, in the event you use the web a great deal, you’d nearly rather shed your wallet than shed all your computer data.

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