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How to Add A USB 2.0 Hub To your Computer

by terhunetech on April 10, 2011

Digital and video Cameras, scanners, mp3 gamers, and nearly every other digital gadget are created to be linked for your pc.

And all new computers allow it to be simple to connect these devices with the use of the USB or Universal Serial Bus port. But with the many devices you might have,you can still run short of those ports.

If you discover your pc utilizing all of its USB ports, you are able to get your hands on a USB Hub. This hub contains several usb ports. So rather than unplugging one device to plug in an additional, a usb hub allows you to connect multiple gadgets.

To setup a usb hub in your computer you need to be sure your system allow you to connect the hub. If your computer was produced before 1997 it most most likely will not support a USB.

Verify your pc to determine if there’s a usb port obtainable. have pictures showing what USB ports look like and exactly where they should be discovered in any pc.

You need to consider the cause you would like to purchase a USB hub. This will help in deciding the type of usb hub you would like to purchase. And study the device you would like to connect, as not all gadgets can be connected to USB hubs.

The 2 types of USB hubs would be the Self Powered which attracts power from an external energy provide and the bus powered hub which is inserted in an growth slot and draws power from the motherboard.

Some devices that use large quantities of power function badly with bus powered hubs. A scanner for instance, will wotk a lot better linked to a self driven USB hub.

When connecting a gadget to the USB hub, see what version of usb it may be. USB 1.0 was the first version released and these days the fast edition will be the usb 2.0 All USB 2.0 hubs are backward compatible. This permits them to run the slower USB 1.0 devices.

The price of the hub 2.0 hub varies from about $25.00 to $65.00 and comes in several manufacturers. The cost depends upon the quantity of ports you would like around the hub.


Its usually a good practice to backup your files before you work inside your pc.Eliminate the hub from its packing and cautiously examine it for damaged and be sure all elements are existing. Stop and cautiously read the hub manual for instructions like turn the pc off initial or that you must install the software before connecting the hub towards the pc.

If you have a driven hub, plug the power cord in an outlet and connect the usb cable from the usb hub into an open USB port. With the hub linked place the cdrom that come with the hub and set up the software onto the hard drive.

Set the USB hub in a location exactly where you can effortlessly connect your scanner,modem,or other gadgets. Keep in mind that your computer only runs at the highest usb pace.If your hub is a USB 2.0 but your computer only supports USB 1.0 then the 1.0 connection will probably be your max pace.

In case your USB hub is self driven,set up the card in an empty expansion slot by getting rid of the system unit cover, removing the retaining screw and cover through the slot, firmly slide the card within the slot, and make use of the retaining screw to safe it towards the motherboard.

Start your computer and your working system should acknowledge the new device. Install any software program that came using the hub.You may need to install a device driver to allow the pc to communicate using the hub.

Its that easy and why not make it some thing enjoyable to do. Discover as you go and be in the state of mind to appreciate your job. You’ll appear forward to perform other duties within the same state of mind.

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