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Doobot Lite

by on April 24, 2011

Doobot Lite

Dooboo~~Description: Doobots is an motion packed shooting sport. Shoot down enemies, protect your armor making use of shields, time your shots using the hold and shoot purpose to release your cannons. Make points in each stage to purchase weapon and armor upgrades! Special stages incorporate mazes and puzzles! This game will undoubtedly aid kill time although you are at the bus quit, airport or when you are just plain bored. Story: It is the year 3010. Technological development has lead to tremendous computers, robots and equipment. Unfortunately, it also has lead to super viruses. Doobot is a super micro anti virus unit that is utilised to battle these advanced viruses. As a large-tech anti-virus robot, blast your way by way of multiple stages using distinct guns and armor and defeat the viruses that infects a kid’s computer! Install Doobots on your iPhone, and iPod Touch and battle your way to remove the super viruses!Features:14 demanding phases which includes puzzle and mazes!(three phases in Doobot Lite) 4 different weapons and armor upgrades for your Doobot!First sound tracks and Custom sound effects!Achievements board!Challenging bosses!Record your scores!

Price: $ .00
Sold by Apple iTunes

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