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computer upgrades?

by on April 26, 2011

Question by Mike: pc upgrades?
i have a pentuim III laptop or computer with 128MB of memory, an 8GB tough disk drive and a 600 mHz processor. is it possible for me to upgrade its processor to a Pentium D, its memory to a 1GB, and its Difficult generate to a 160 GB? pls allow me know. thanks =)
thanks men for the solutions. i will for certain get a laptop as a substitute of upgrading.

Best answer:

Solution by stowlly123
Possibly you can upgrade the ram and the tough disk,but certaninly not the processor with your existing motherboard.Even so,if you do choose to modify the motherboard and the processor as well,i feel you may possibly better off with a new pc as the value of upgrading is shut to purchasing a new computer

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