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Computer Upgrades.?

by on April 23, 2011

Question by Xeo1337: Pc Upgrades.?
I recently obtained this machine…
And I was just wondering what upgrades I need to get so that it can run WoW without any lag on greatest settings. I’m considering about acquiring far more memory, but I really don’t know considerably about personal computers, so can this laptop or computer get much more Memory? Please give hyperlinks to upgrades. Please and thank you.
Sorry, right here is the correct link…
Ugh for some cause both back links really don’t go straight to the laptop or computer, but it is the lowest priced laptop or computer on that web page.

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Reply by leletanner
1st of all, what else do you want the laptop or computer to do, aside from wow? Delete all the random no cost stuff that arrives on that you do not need, but make certain the pc can run without having it…then just buy added memory…Any longer queries, check out out Customized Personal computers Unlimited. They are awsome when it arrives to consumer support…they give you just what you require/want.

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