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What is the best Computer Consulting Book for a novice consultant?

by on May 3, 2011

Issue by randizzle: What is the greatest Laptop or computer Consulting Guide for a novice consultant?
I want to give network consulting companies to modest organizations but do not know a issue about consulting. I want to read a excellent guide about this. Whats the very best in the market? Please offer titles or links. factors to very best response.

Finest solution:

Answer by robert
A fast Google or Amazon lookup will stage you to a number of textbooks on how to turn into an Impartial Laptop or computer Consultant, but there’s not also a lot of to select from, and they could be a bit dated.

Up right up until not too lengthy back (and even now these days for a lot of struggling consultants), the assist product was based mostly on providing hourly charges to occur out to the consumers workplace when a difficulty arose. The goal of the consultant was to find as numerous clients as possible, bill the greatest rates and get the most billable hrs as he could.

It is very, extremely hard to do well beneath the hourly-rate product.

My suggestions is to bill a flat, regular monthly fee, which you can base on the range of servers and workstations the customer has (say $ 149 per server and $ 49 per workstation per month). For this fee, you can supply 24x7x365 monitoring of their servers and limitless remote support, which can equally be accomplished now with very cheap, but trustworthy application.

If the customer needs any on-web site perform completed, you can bill an additional hourly fee for it. But your main enterprise should be constructed about monitoring your consumers, retaining problems to a minimal and understanding in advance what your cash flow for the month will be, without having worrying about how numerous hours you can squeeze out of your customers.

Do a lookup for “commencing a modest company as an impartial computer consultant” and you really should locate many assets to help you get started.

Impartial Personal computer Consulting is a actually excellent discipline to be in if you create your business appropriately. Finest of luck,


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