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USB Stick

by on April 2, 2011

USB Stick

Company Smalltalk Consulting Ltd~~Your iOS system IS a USB Stick. Our USB Stick app lets you duplicate info to/from your desktop computer through iTunes, and lets you download and cache items from your DropBox Account. Making use of Apple’s preview technology we can show a lot of document types like PDF, or JPEGs. We supply other apps that enable specialized viewing of Fax files, PDFs, or very significant documents. You can develop USB Stick’s capabilities by adding further attributes through in-app purchases, tap the “In-App Buy Items” option from the main display. Most notable is the ability to add accelerated PDF or FAX file pre-rendering so USB Stick can deal with the two your Fax files and your PDF paperwork, or add the ability to study and display numerous diverse file kinds, or perform with wall dimension Maps. In-app purchases allow all performance across our merchandise lines inside this one particular app USB Stick.

Cost: $ .00
Marketed by Apple iTunes

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