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Team Navigation

by on April 23, 2011

Group Navigation

Fanis Kalatzis~~Crew Navigation is a GPS monitoring and tracking service for the iPhone. Target:- The application is targeted to teams of men and women traveling,sailing, hunting, racing, discovering places or making their vacations across the planet. – Crew Navigation permits pros to keep track of their cars and vessels from their IPhone gadget. – Men and women can use Staff Navigation to keep track of their place in opposition to their saved Factors of Interest (POIs). You can view the precise site of your group member or POI in the map along with the geo-coords and distance from your origin.The software does not demands consumer registration into personal computer servers. Functions:- View your staff (fleet) stay on Radar or MapView while relocating- See your crew information in text (member ID, location, velocity, heading)- Add your existing area as POI (marking and seve the areas you are traveling to)- Mark the area of your auto, hotel, shop and travel interest to find your way again- Navigate to any saved site- Send your POIs by electronic mail (bear in mind your visited locations or support your friends to check out a place)- Exchange messages with the members of your team (not SMS or MMS)- Preserve the place of a member of your crew whilst on the move (track your team)- 3d look annotations on Radar and Map Watch- Navigate on Google Map towards your saved POIs- GPS Accuracy set to BestApplications:Even though traveling see the other men and women of your team, also traveling.While sailing or racing watch the place of the other members of your team.You will never ever lost your group in vacations and exploration of new places.Track your autos/ships/trucks travelling close to the entire world.Track the cars and boats you rent.See the places that your teams are traveling to, when you organize travels and activities.You and your staff can navigate towards the meeting place securely specifically when going to new places.Even though hunting or fishing with other folks power the group in the direction of the target place of curiosity.Tap a point in the radar map to see its site on Google Map. Tap the Google map pins to watch information about the stage. The GPRS, 3G and WiFi networks are supported for your team or fleet monitoring. The group id is actually the password important which characterizes a crew. Use the default settings to start off operating with Team Navigation. Modify only the Userid with your individual nickname.Be aware for Developers:Application is supported by the TeamNavi.aar Axis2 webservice freely obtainable from the writer internet site: Optionally, you can also download the web-service to setup your individual group or fleet management Axis2 net providers container. Security:The customers of the software must know that their location information May possibly BE TRANSMITTED TO UNAUTHORIZED Folks. Note:The Team Navigation application DOES NOT Present THE Features TO BE Used FOR:one. ANY Type OF EMERGENCY. two. Daily life Conserving Functions.3. Automatic Management AND ROUTING OF Vehicles, SHIPS, FLEET, FLYING OBJECTS AND ANY MECHANICAL Gadget. four. FLEET MANAGEMENT. Calls for iOS four.

Cost: $ .00
Offered by Apple iTunes

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