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Q&A: What are the differences between computer repair and computer science courses in a vocational highschool?

by smterhune on April 18, 2011

Question by Evil Z: What are the variations among computer repair and pc science courses in a vocational highschool?
I’m coming into a vocational high college but the software supplies tiny info about the courses offered.

Can someone tell me what the distinction between laptop or computer repair and pc science are?

I want to find out much more about languages like c++, java, and so forth.

So which one would present a lot more of that? And if you can, please elaborate on what would usually be furnished in every of the programs.

I am preparing on becoming a computer programmer and/or graphics programmer, hopefully for video games.
So which do you think would be better for this route?

Thanks. ^^

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Remedy by Confused Without A Trigger
hey i attended a vocational highschool. Computer restore bargains with hardware concern and actual hardware restore.

What you’re interested in is personal computer science. My hs’s cs system taught c++, html, asp and integrated internet design. Basically in CS you function with studying how to system and applying that to specific areas like internet programming, database programming, etc.

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Khan April 18, 2011 at 10:01 pm

In your case, computer science courses is the way to go.

Pay extra attention to them because if you take computer science at University/college, it would be a great help.

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