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MG-SOFT SNMP Micro MIB Browser

by on April 23, 2011

MG-SOFT SNMP Micro MIB Browser

MG-SOFT d.o.o.~~MG-SOFT SNMP Micro MIB Browser for Apple iPad is an SNMP browser application featuring a basic and effortless-to-use graphical person interface that lets you keep an eye on and control SNMP able remote network gear.On laptop or computer networks and usually on the Net, numerous critical products are working (for illustration routers, switches, servers, printers, WiFi accessibility factors, internet cameras,… ) and the all round functionality and usability of the network is dependent on the wellbeing and balance of numerous of these products. These devices generally contain an SNMP agent, which indicates they can be remotely monitored and managed by SNMP network management applications. Specifically, SNMP stands for “Easy Network Management Protocol” and this protocol is the regular ‘language’ for managing and monitoring remote network equipment.From now on SNMP capable gadgets on the network can be conveniently monitored and managed also from your iPad tablet working the MG-SOFT SNMP Micro Browser software. In other phrases, you can retrieve any OID instance applied in SNMP agents in these units (like device uptime, network site visitors utilization, CPU load, memory usage, disk usage, and so on.) and have an energetic search into the well being and overall performance of any crucial system on your network.MG-SOFT SNMP Micro MIB Browser for Apple iPad specification: * Supports SNMPv1 and SNMPv2c versions of the SNMP protocol specification, * Supports SNMP Get operation, * Supports SNMP GetNext operation, * Supports SNMP GetBulk operation, * Supports SNMP Walk operation by frequently issuing SNMP GetNext or SNMP GetBulk operationsNote: WiFi or 3G/EDGE connection from iPad is necessary to use MG-SOFT SNMP Micro MIB Browser.MG-SOFT Corporation, established in March 1990, is the world’s leading supplier of SNMP, SMI and general network management apps, toolkits and solutions for Mac iOS, Mac OS X platforms (as well as for Windows, Linux and Solaris platforms). MG-SOFT offers key IT companies throughout the world with network management apps as nicely as with toolkits applying core network management technologies. Moreover, MG-SOFT supplies customers with consulting companies, custom application growth solutions and network management integration solutions centered on our vast expertise in SNMP, SMI and network management fields.

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