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ProtoTech Options and Solutions Pvt. Ltd.~~gContactsImporter lets you import your contacts (or tackle book) from an additional mobile phone or Laptop computer/Personal computer to your iPhone. If you have just purchased a new iPhone and don’t want to type in hundreds of your address guide entries from your current cellphone once more, gContactsImporter is the app for you. In just a couple of taps you are set. If you choose to use your individual FTP site? You could want to appear at our other iPhone software iContactsImporter which does the very same issue, but lets you use your personal FTP web site.Functions:* Imports contacts from .csv (comma separated values) file* Immediately maps the deal with book fields from your .csv file (e.g. Postal code -&gt ZIP code) * Gives you selection to change the mapping* Generates a new group for your imported contactsgContactsImporter imports your contacts from a .csv file. Most of the handset providers have a Personal computer suite (e.g. Nokia, Sony Ericsson and so forth.) from which you can quickly export all your contacts to a .csv file. You can also do the same from most of the pc programs (Outlook, Thunderbird etc.) and other mobile gadgets (Palm and so forth.). Here’s the phase-by-action guide to import your contacts1. Export your existing handle book to .csv file (refer to your mobile handset manual for facts).two. Upload the .csv file to your Google Docs account. You can understand a lot more about Google Docs and how to upload your .csv files at . Make sure you note that when you upload your .csv file to Google Docs, please ‘uncheck’ the choice “Convert paperwork, presentations, and spreadsheets to the corresponding Google Docs formats” to steer clear of your .csv file obtaining converted to spreadsheet format automatically.3. Launch gContactsImporter and enter the filename and accessibility specifics to your Google Docs account (username, password and the csv filename)four. gContactsImporter will map the fields and existing you with a table. You can edit the map if you want.five. Enter a group name to which you want to import all the contacts to. Depart blank to import to All Contacts.six. Tap ‘Import’ and you are completed! The quantity of contacts that are imported will be displayed.Be aware: 1. Prior to you buy this app, be sure to be aware that to use this application you will will need to be ready to upload your address guide file to a Google Docs account and retrieve it by specifying username and password. The developers of gContactsImporter do not provide this facility.2. This is “Lite” model which is complete featured, but limits the number of contacts that can be imported to 10. Please glimpse into our compensated app “gContactsImporter” for importing unlimited contacts.

Price: $ .00
Offered by Apple iTunes

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