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Gaming Computer Parts 2008

by on April 28, 2011

Yey *20000 views* ^^ Subscribe if you want to. Yeah, so this is the areas i acquired for my pc, Its completed and i have some movies about it. A lot more to come although 😛 Specs: * Gainward 8800GT 512 Mb * Intel Quad Core Q6600 @ 2,4ghz~ * Antec 9 Hundred Gaming Circumstance * OCZ GameXStream 700W * 2 Gb Crucial BallistiX TRACER * Western Digital 250Gb~ * XFX 680i LT SLI Motherboard
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Focus: Because of to the huge quantity of spam and repeat concerns in the comments I have made a decision to disable feedback and as a substitute to a create up in right here about everything that was mentioned. Very first of all this was never about generating cash and is not a excellent way to make funds, it was only to display the science. I did not do items in the most affordable way either. Yes, a excellent idea would to wash the chip in nitric acid to dissolve any copper and silver away, then in aqua regia to take away the gold. You could also get that powder I ended up with and wash that in nitric. Possibly way, with out doing that magnesium drops all the metals dissolved. This was a really outdated ceramic chip, so there was not a total great deal of other metals on it. Sodium metabisulfate is a far better dropping reagent and is far more generally employed. It is much more selective and less costly. I have had some trouble with it and as I mentioned had no intention of generating money so I just utilized magnesium metal. Only CPUs have recoverable gold as far as I’m conscious. This will not recover gold from your HDD, motherboard, or any other element. The HCl I obtained at Property Depot. The nitric acid was acquired from Elemental Scientific, and the bottle the nitric acid is saved in was bought from HMS Beagle. The response in between magnesium and chloroauric acid is Mg + HAuCl4 = Au + MgCl2 + H2
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