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Fraction Basics

by on May 5, 2011

Fraction Essentials

Wei Chong~~This free video clip app supplies a quick and straightforward way for you to discover and recognize the basics behind fractions. There are 12 personal computer animated videos on comprehending fractions, improper fractions & combined fractions, equivalent fractions, incorporating fractions, adding fractions examples, subtracting fractions, multiplying fractions, multiplying fractions examples, dividing fractions, dividing fractions examples, convert fraction to percent, convert decimal to fraction. Every of these videos is divided into several diverse components that you can easily skipped to. These movies are: 1. Knowing Fractions •Introduction •Numerator, denominator of a fraction & appropriate fractions •What does fraction means? •Improper fraction & combined fraction •Comparing improper fraction & mixed fraction two. Improper & Combined Fractions •Introduction •Proper fractions & improper fractions •Convert improper fractions to mixed fractions •Quicker way of converting improper fractions to mixed fractions •Convert mixed fractions to improper fractions three. Equivalent Fractions •What are equivalent fractions •Examine equivalent fractions visually (by multiplication) •Reasoning behind equivalent fractions •Can we get equivalent fractions by division? •Can we get equivalent fractions by addition or subtraction? 4. Incorporating Fractions •Introduction: Swift recap on fractions •Basics behind including fractions with like denominators •Basics behind incorporating fractions with unlike denominators •Example on including fractions with in contrast to denominators •Convert an improper fraction to a mixed fraction after including five. Including Fractions Examples •Example 1: Incorporating a complete amount with a appropriate fraction •Quick way of incorporating for Illustration one over •Example two: Incorporating a combined fraction with a correct fraction (Like Denominators) •Example three: Including a combined fraction with a proper fraction (As opposed to Denominators) •Convert an improper fraction to a mixed fraction soon after including six. Subtracting Fractions •Introduction: The thought behind subtracting fractions •Visually look at how the subtraction functions •Example one: Subtracting two fractions with unlike denominators •Example 2: Subtracting a proper fraction with a combined fraction •Convert an improper to a mixed fraction after subtracting7. Multiplying Fractions•Introduction•Example 1: Multiplying two suitable fractions•Examine how multiplying fractions perform in Example 1 •Example two: Multiplying two fractions & simplify the result•Example 3: Multiplying a appropriate and a combined fraction & simplify the result8. Multiplying Fractions Examples•Introduction •Example one: Simplify before multiplying two appropriate fractions •Example 2: More on simplifying fractions before multiplying •Example 3: Multiplying two combined fractions •Simplify ahead of multiplying for Illustration 3 nine. Dividing Fractions•Introduction •Example one: Dividing two proper fractions •Examine the concepts behind dividing fractions in Illustration 1•Example 2: An additional example on dividing fractions •Further simplifying the expression in Example 210. Dividing Fractions Examples•Example 1: Dividing two correct fractions •Example 2: Dividing a proper fraction with a mixed fraction •Converting the mixed fraction ahead of dividing in Illustration 2•Example 3: Dividing two mixed fractions •Further simplifying the expression in Instance three eleven. Convert Fraction to Percent•Introduction •Converting two fifths to % •Examine the proportion when the numerator is elevated •A faster way of converting two fifths to % •Converting 3 fourths to percent12. Convert Decimal to Fraction•Introduction•Analyze the fraction, one halves •Example one: Convert .5 to a fraction •Example 2: Convert .19 to a fraction •Example 3: Convert .128 to a fraction

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