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Ben Jaques~~Produce a 36 frame hand (finger?) drawn animation on your iPhone or iPod Touch and carry existence to those stickmen.Drawing attributes- Paint brush with adjustable dimensions. Paint employing a single touch. Tap the brush dimension button and set the brush dimension using two touches.- Stuffed form tool. Trace a form on screen and it is painted utilizing the current colour.- An eraser, again with adjustable dimensions.- Undo and redo your miss painted or erased strokes.- Zoom, move and rotate the frame utilizing two touches. Place the draw place so it feels at ease, get in close for detail perform or zoom out for swiftly filling places. Double tapping the screen resets back again to the default watch.- Pick the color you want using HSV and RGB sliders.- A colour pipette lets you select a colour from the screen.Flicks- Flicks are objects that you can reuse in your flickbook. They have a hierarchical structure, being created from up to sixteen components. This framework indicates that shifting/rotating/scaling a component will lead to any elements beneath it in the hierarchy to be similarly transformed.Soundtracks and sound effects- Build up a library of sound results that you can use in your flickbook.- File sound results on your equipment employing its developed-in microphone or a microphone peripheral.Marker frames and Onion Skinning- Onion skinning demonstrates a faded edition of other frames while drawing the latest 1.- Configurable onion skinning of past and future frames. See what has been before and/or is to arrive to support make smooth animations.- Set up to two marker frames, supplying reference frames for an animation sequence and then playback only this variety.- Enable/disable onion skinning for your keyframes.Layers- Have up to two layers.- Create animated, hand drawn layers or flicks layers.- Flicks layers allow you to add flicks to your animations and then manage them by setting keyframes and defining the paths they move along.- Hide and disable onion skinning for layers, lets you concentrate on what you are currently undertaking.Other attributes- Timeline display gives an overview of your flickbook generating synchronising sound results and the animation effortless.- Export your animations to your pc above wifi.

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