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Norton SystemWorks(TM) Standard Edition 2008

by on May 10, 2011

Norton SystemWorks(TM) Regular Edition 2008

Norton SystemWorks Regular Edition 2008 protects your technique versus spyware, viruses, worms and other protection dangers to assist solve many of your Laptop issues. Immediately diagnose and repair hard generate problems, remove undesirable Internet clutter these kinds of as cookies and World wide web files and optimize your Windows(R) settings from a single display screen. Now you can repair and maintain Personal computer wellness, diagnose Windows difficulties and enhance your Laptop efficiency with straightforward One Button Checkup. It also utilizes SONAR (Symantec On the internet Network for Sophisticated Response) technological innovation that identifies new threats primarily based on their behavior.Extra attributes consist of:AntiVirus 2008 with enhanced functionality to block viruses and spyware instantly.Norton Utilities diagnoses and fixes personal computer troubles.Norton Cleanup permanently removes undesired Web clutter, short-term files and other private information.Procedure Viewer permits you to see what application processes are operating and which are impacting overall performance.System Optimizer lets you handle your Windows settings and the efficiency of your Computer.CheckIt Diagnostics performs a physical examination of the hardware and determines its balance.

Cost: $ 69.99
Sold by Workplace Depot, Inc

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