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Why would you use URL shorteners?

by terhunetech on April 6, 2011

You must have seen them. Internet addresses like which, whenever you click on them, consider you to another internet web page. Why use them? Are there any dangers in utilizing them?

URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. It is the posh technical phrase to get a web deal with. Web addresses usually consider the type, which is not too much of a problem. But some website names can get extremely long, and so can page names. The elevated utilization of database-driven sites mean that URLs can get very long indeed, and the majority of them is pc gobbledygook. They’re impossible to kind in, if you’re studying them in a print article, and frequently get corrupted by word-wrapping once they appear in an email or blog posting.

An URL shortener is really a web service that takes a long deal with that’s tough to type, and turns it into a short one. You need to rely on them in content articles for print publication, classified ads, emails, blog and forum postings, anywhere there’s a danger the complete deal with may be corrupted, or that someone may require to kind the deal with into a browser manually.

But there is a danger in utilizing brief URLs that might make people afraid to use them. The short address disguises the real location. This causes it to be simple for somebody to post an innocent searching message encouraging individuals to click on on the hyperlink that requires them to a site which infects their pc with spyware, or some thing equally unwanted.

Some URL shortening solutions have attempted to deal with this problem. The most well-known service,, has an optional preview page that exhibits you the target deal with prior to you go there. But you’ve to know to type “preview” in front of the address, or visit the site and set it as a permanent choice. Those that don’t know about this are nonetheless vulnerable to deception.

A safe URL shortener would not allow the creation of links to unwanted sites. It might also usually show a preview web page, so the user always sees where the hyperlink is taking them before they go there. utilizes Internet blacklists to stop its use to disguise sites which are advertised by spam. Its preview web page offers a link to McAfee’s Website Advisor, which could be utilized to verify the safety of the destination.

Next time you need to create a lengthy internet address, use an URL shortener. But to inspire self-confidence that no harm will arrive from clicking the hyperlink, pick a safe 1.

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