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Types of Computer Networks – LAN WAN MAN and Area Networks

by on March 20, 2011

A personal computer network is the practice of linking two or much more computing units together for the function of sharing data. Networks are created with a blend of computer hardware and computer computer software. This interconnected method will share companies and interact via a communications website link.

A pc network is really valuable in a business. Most of the time a business will have much more than one personal computer set up and it often quite advantageous to network all of the computers in the office. A neighborhood location network (LAN) will connect your company’s computers. This will allow them to share and exchange distinct varieties of info. If you haven’t thought to be networking your office pcs, pay attention to these good reasons.

There are several kinds of personal computer networks. A computer network can be extremely easy, this kind of as only connecting two pcs or a personal computer and a printer, or it can be really complicated, connecting hundreds of thousands of computer systems and gadgets. Here is a listing of different pc network kinds.

The smallest kind of network is a Private Region Network (PAN). This variety of personal computer network connects a pc to a number of units. These units may well incorporate, but are not constrained to, printers, PDAs, and telephones. Generally these are situated extremely shut to a computer. A Nearby Place Network (LAN) is used to network a modest geographical place. An example of this variety of computer network is a residence network with two or much more computer systems or computers that are connected in a workplace. A version of a LAN is a Wireless Neighborhood Location Network (WLAN).

A Campus Region Network (CAN) is ideal for a university but they are also discovered in industrial facilities. This variety of pc network connects computer systems in a amount of buildings. This is usually achieved through bridging and routing. A Metropolitan Location Network (Guy) consists of any range of interconnected LANs and WANs but it will not extend particular boundaries, this kind of as people of a city, city, or metropolitan place. Several of these are operated at public utilities and are employed by organizations and folks in the area.

A Extensive Region Network (WAN) is a phase up from a Man. This type of personal computer network can cross metropolitan or even national boundaries. The finest known WAN is the Net. This pc network employs routers and public communication backlinks to carry data. Many WANs are run by private businesses and limited, as opposed to the Internet. Despite the fact that these are the Man sorts of network that most consumers arrive across there are other laptop or computer networks ranging from as tiny as a Desktop Location Network (DAN) to a really large Worldwide Region Network (GAN).

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