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GPS Me for iPhone

by on April 24, 2011

GPS Me for iPhone

Big Hill Software program~~“GPS Me for iPhone” introduces the final experience in site-aware communication: the potential to reveal your precise geographic location with other folks about electronic mail, SMS text, Facebook™, and Twitter™! Utilizing “GPS Me”, a couple of basic taps prepares a location-informed set of data appropriate for sending about e-mail, SMS text, your Facebook™ Wall, or your Twitter™ timeline. Your close friends, family members, or followers can then instantly locate and/or navigate to your precise place by way of Google Maps in a pc internet browser or the iPhone’s/iPod Touch’s developed-in Maps software. *** HOW WOULD YOU USE “GPS Me for iPhone”? **** You are on vacation in an exotic location, and want to permit every person know precisely exactly where you are acquiring a excellent time, and perhaps in which individuals images you just sent or posted have been taken. Forget the common “hey where ended up these taken? –in which on the Island are you staying?” stream of posts that inevitably end result. “GPS Me” solutions those inquiries, and allows every person to watch your existing site on a map.* You have located a fantastic fishing hole, and need to summon the gang or notify them in which this magical spot is at. Employing “GPS Me”, you can let them know the catch is on, and they’ll know specifically in which on the river or lake you are.* You’ve located a fabulous restaurant, a new specialty store, or a great new park for the youngsters to perform at. This is data you want absolutely everyone to know about. “GPS Me” will give your friends and followers a map they can use to find and navigate to your new discoveries!* Forbid if you have an emergency, but at some stage, they will take place. In no way before have you been able in a single app to leverage your handle guide, and multiple social networks as far-reaching as Facebook™ and Twitter™ for assist, but now you can! If you operate out of gasoline, get a flat tire, wreck your bicycle, or are currently being followed by a stranger, quickly deliver your exact area, which will open up a total new source of feasible help! It will also document your whereabouts, ought to other folks be attempting to locate you and/or you go missing. Your feasible quantity of assisting fingers has now significantly expanded to the social networks of Facebook™ and Twitter™!*** Attributes **** One particular tap place determination.* Location determination exhibits present and desired amounts of accuracy and countdown timer even though calculating.* Email, SMS Text, Facebook™ Wall, and Twitter™ timeline place info is immediately produced by the app.* URL shortening to reduce characters in for equally SMS Text messages and Twitter™ statuses.* Configurable unit of measure, imperial and metric programs each supported.* Configurable highest calculation time.* Configurable sought after GPS accuracy.* Capacity to title your area.* Potential to save, handle, and resend favored spots.* Capability to view preferred areas on a map with the application.* Potential to send feedback right to Massive Hill Application through e-mail.Neglect the complexity of navigation apps which bury you in controls and data. Sometimes more is just “more”. You really don’t want a complicated app that looks like the within of the cockpit of the room shuttle, which calls for a P.H.D. to figure out how to use. You want an app which is thoroughly clean, straightforward, and a satisfaction to use: “GPS Me” is the definition of a “cool” app. The only question left is, why isn’t “GPS Me for iPhone” on your iPhone? Note: “GPS Me for iPhone” is targeted for iPhone gadgets managing iPhone OS 3. and newer only. “GPS Me for iPhone” does not run on iPod Touch devices.

Price tag: $ .00
Offered by Apple iTunes

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