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Easy to Understand Definition of a Computer Network

by on April 27, 2011

By definition a network is a group or program that interconnects components together. A network of retail retailers, for illustration, implies some kind of relationship in between the retailers. A railroad network suggests that the tracks interconnect at distinct points. And a computer network interconnects personal computers.

By far the most famous computer network in the globe is the Internet. The Web is, in simple fact, a collection of scaled-down networks that are interconnected with each other – a network of networks if you can visualize that.

But computer networks don’t always have to be huge or complicated. By definition, the smallest achievable personal computer network would contain just two interconnected pcs. The interconnection can be accomplished making use of a cable or by wireless technological innovation. What ever the medium, as lengthy as the computer systems can talk collectively they are component of a network.

Surprisingly, the Information Technology industry does not outline networks by size, relatively, by area. Pcs that are interconnected in a little geographical area these as a home or an workplace are said to be in a LAN (Nearby Area Network). A LAN can have two personal computers or two thousand computers.

Conversely, computers that are related across a vast geographical place these as amongst metropolitan areas or countries are explained to be in a WAN (Wide Place Network). Strictly speaking a WAN in fact interconnects LANs. 5 computers in a New York office are in a LAN, nonetheless, the New York office also connects to an Office in Chicago who hosts ten other computer systems. All jointly, that network is said to be a WAN spanning New York to Chicago. But individually every workplace is a LAN in its personal proper. One particular LAN in New York and one particular LAN in Chicago. This is why we say that strictly speaking a WAN interconnects LANs.

A description of how the network is wired with each other can be supplied using a bodily network topology. Network topologies are utilized to describe the different techniques to link personal computers with each other. A bus topology, for illustration, describes computer systems connected across a widespread wire in a linear fashion. A star topology describes computers related to a frequent central unit this sort of as a swap. Other sorts of typical topologies include ring topology as nicely as mesh and partial mesh topology.

But perhaps the most critical doing work elements of a pc network are the protocols. A protocol is a set of rules. In buy to talk correctly, computers ought to discuss the same protocol so that they recognize what is getting acquired and know how to send details in return. The IT industry has successfully established TCP/IP as the dominant network protocol across the globe. The standardization of TCP/IP in pcs has authorized the internet to thrive since is gives a typical language that computers can use to communicate with every other.

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Andres Villalva B.IT, AssDip(Eng), CCNP, MasterCNE is a telecommunications specialist with a enthusiasm for ethical, intelligent and effective IT career advancement.

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