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A+ Certification (A+ Certification)

by on March 18, 2011

A+ Certification (A+ Certification)
Celebration on 2011-03-28 00:00:00
This program provides practice with the resources and techniques essential to solve common Computer hardware and computer software difficulties. A combination of lecture and fingers on workouts contain step-by-step fix and upkeep of the Pc, optimizing the PC’s effectiveness and working with and understanding Windows working methods. Classroom time is targeted on Computer running ideas, troubleshooting hardware, and installing technique software program.

For any person interested in the CompTIA certification, our certified teacher will offer up to date information on how to best prepare for the exams. CompTIA certification validates the newest capabilities needed by computer help professionals. The exams cover technical skills these kinds of as set up, configuration, diagnosing, preventive preservation and standard networking, as properly as soft abilities like protection, safety, environmental issues, communication and professionalism.

Upon profitable completion of this course, participants really should be capable to:

  • Recognize the major internal and external components of a Pc
  • Steer clear of electrostatic discharge
  • Set up and upgrade central processing models (CPUs)
  • Set up and clarify the varieties of random accessibility memory (RAM)
  • Describe the operate of BIOS and modify the CMOS setup
  • Explain, install, and troubleshoot expansion cards and motherboards
  • Maintain and troubleshoot electrical power supplies
  • Describe and install ATA, SCSI, and RAID challenging drive interfaces
  • Set up, partition, and format difficult drives
  • Determine, set up, and preserve detachable media (floppy drives, flash drives, and optical media)
  • Set up sound and video cards and software program
  • Install, upgrade, and troubleshoot Windows
  • Describe how to support input/output ports and gadgets
  • Troubleshoot transportable computing gadgets
  • Manage and repair common printer problems
  • Explain wired and wireless networks
  • Use resources connected to the World wide web
  • Explain how to apply security measures
  • Set up excellent communication and consumer services skills

Audience: Individuals interested in becoming laptop or computer support technicians or moving into the info technologies discipline. Prerequisite: You must have experience using a Computer.

at Lacey, Washington, United States

Lacey, United States

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